June 21st, 2013 Athlete’s and Eating Disorders

Thank you so much to McCallum Place and Webster Wellness Professionals for helping us put on such a great event!  We are so grateful to Dr. McCallum and Dr. Thompson for their wisdom and teaching.  Here are a few photos from our event!

February 22, 2013 with Dr. Astrachan-Fletcher

Even with the winter storm, 60 of you braved the snow and made it downtown for this fun event with Dr. Ellen Astrachan-Fletcher.  Thank you so much for attending.  Here are just a few photos that capture the day.

Winter Celebration with Carolyn Costin

What an amazing day!  We were so grateful to be able to share the gift of recovery with all of you at our Winter Celebration event.  A special thank you to Carolyn Costin for spending the day with us.  Enjoy some photos from the day.

September 14th Event

Our September event has come and gone, but we are still excited about our attendees and our phenomenal speakers.  Dr. Kim Dennis, Dr, Panayota Kleinman, and Dr. Kim McCallum gave us excellent information on the medical aspects of eating disorders.  Thanks so much to them and all of you who attended.  We are working on creating a webinar for this event so stay tuned!



On June 15th, we were very fortunate to have Bradley C. Riemann, PhD and Theodore E. Weltzin, MD, FAED speak to professionals about UNLOCKING THE DOOR: STRATEGIES FOR TREATING OCD IN EATING DISORDER PATIENTS.  Roger Memorial Hospital and The REDI Clinic so graciously sponsored this event.  Here are a few photos from the day!  Here is a link that Rogers Memorial Hospital put up about the event.  http://rogershospital.org/news/professionals-il-wi-and-mi-attend-rogers’-presentation-iaedp-midwest


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Our Kick-Off Event

December 3, 2011

We were so excited to introduce the Heartland Chapter of the International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals to our midwest region.  We had a wonderful turnout at the Mid America Club in Chicago, IL.  We had a wonderful breakfast as we got to know each other better.  We had students, clinicians, dietitians, psychiatrists, and a dentist in attendance!  We were fortunate to screen the documentary Someday Melissa.  This movie was released in October 2011. It is fresh. It is powerful. It is about eating disorders. Visit www.somedaymelissa.com to view a clip of the movie.


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