Meet Our 2021 Officeholders

Group pic Gala 2019


Team Members:


Anne pic
Anne Kubal, PhD, CEDS-S; Licensed Clinical Psychologist;

Vice President

Kyle pic

Kyle Weber, Ph.D, CEDS-S; Licensed Clinical Psychologist;


Melissa pic

Melissa Carava, LCPC, CEDS;


Alexandra pic

Alexandra Konefall;

Chair Persons:

Membership Chair

Liz Roan;

Education Chair

Katie L pic

Katie Lenahan, LCPC;

Hospitality Chair

Lacey pic

Lacey Lemke, PsyD;

Marketing Chair

Ashley pic

Ashley Pennington;

Social Media Chair

Kathleen pic

 Kathleen O’ Connor, LCPC, CEDS;

Student Liaison Chair & COMC/Mentoring Sub-Committee Lead

Erin pic

Erin Terada, Psy.D;

Research Chair

Ana Pruteanu, MS, RDN, LDN, CEDRD;

Certification Chair

Delia pic

Delia Aldridge, MD, CEDS-S;

Medical Liaison

Dr. Anna pic

Anna Kyachkina, MD;

Networking Event Sub-Committee Lead   

Katie pic
Katie Huber;

Diversity & Inclusion Sub-Committee Lead     
Maggie Garrity, RDN, LDN;

Let us know if you are interested in joining our team. Applications for officeholder positions go out late summer each year.

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